-Marquis Floors has been serving Metro Atlanta Flooring needs since 1982 and is proud to have achieved the status of a Mohawk Floorscapes Retail Provider.



RELAX with lifetime protection

Clean, beautiful carpet can make the whole house feel fresh and inviting. SmartStrand carpet permanently resists staining and soiling, so it retains its natural beauty. Its built-in resistance lasts a lifetime. Other carpets with surface protection often seem to get dirty faster or look soiled and dingy even after they’re cleaned. SmartStrand is the ONLY carpet with lifetime protection that will NEVER wash off, walk off or wear off.

ENJOY comfort with confidence

SmartStrand is soft and beautiful— and it’s also extremely durable. SmartStrand easily stands up to the challenges of busy, active households and heavy foot traffic. The high-performance, low-maintenance fiber in SmartStrand gives consumers the confidence to actually live on the carpet worry-free and enjoy fully its comfort and beauty.

SIMPLIFY your life

SmartStrand is easy to maintain. It’s designed to be cleaned with just water or a mild detergent. No need for harsh, messy chemical cleaners that emit fumes. Cleanups are fast, simple and safe.





Trusted for high quality and innovative fashion for more than 50 years

Wear-Dated promise began over 50 years ago in fashion apparel. Clothing made from superior Wear-Dated nylon carried a promise-of-quality date stamped on the label guaranteeing performance or your money back. In 1980, this promise was incorporated into carpet made from the same high-quality nylon. Now, with Mohawk’s breakthrough development of Continuum™, this same promise of quality applies to a select group of high-quality Pet Carpets. Choosing the right carpet can be overwhelming. Wear-Dated PET eliminates the carpet-buying guesswork with its quality standards, testing and proven performance. Wear-Dated carpets have been proven for over 30 years and time-tested in over 14 million American homes.



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Aladdin Commercial is much more than a collection of flooring products. It is a comprehensive Commercial program built specifically to provide customers the right flooring solutions for any end use application.

From department stores to libraries, high schools to media rooms, Aladdin Commercial’s solid portfolio of stylish products is designed to beautifully complement every setting with the perfect mix of fresh style and premium long-lasting durability.




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